Hybrid electric wheelchair with electromagnetic brake Ev101E

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Introducing the Evox 101E Electric Wheelchair, your gateway to newfound mobility and freedom, proudly featured on DesintoxTech.com! Powered 24V 12Ah Lead Acid battery and operated by joystick controlled dual 24 V 250W electro magnetically braking motors and big rear wheels, this model is suited for indoor and mild outdoor usage electrically and manually.

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Discover the Ev 101E: Experience the epitome of modern mobility with the Evox 101 Electric Wheelchair with an additional feature of electromagnetic braking. Designed with precision engineering and user-centric innovation, this revolutionary wheelchair sets a new standard for comfort, control, and convenience.


  • Electric movement controlled by joystick
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor usages
  • Changeable to manual by turning clutch handle on tyre
  • Foldable design
  • Flipup Armrest
  • Side interchangable joystick
  • Removable battery box
  • Changeable cushions
  • 24V 12 Ah SMF Battery
  • 250w double motors
  • Dual electromagnetic brake

Key Features Unveiled: Dive into the details of the Evox 101e’s standout features, meticulously crafted to redefine your mobility experience. From its medium weight, foldable yet durable construction to its customizable seating options and intuitive controls, every aspect is engineered to elevate your comfort and independence. Its big rear wheels powered by dual 24V 250W motors make it a good option for manual and joystick operated electric mobility through indoor and medium outdoor terrains.

Tailored to Your Needs: Explore our range of Evox 101e models, each offering unique specifications to suit your individual requirements. Whether you prioritize compactness, extended and removable battery (24V 12Ah lead acid pack) life, or enhanced weight capacity of upto 100 kg , find the perfect match for your lifestyle.

Take the first step towards greater independence and mobility freedom today!”


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