Dr. Ted Rummel an orthopedic surgeon in Missouri, U.S.A beat unbelievable odds by returning to the OR after a blood filled cyst in his spine burst and left him paralyzed waist down. Dr. Rummel lost his ability to stand or walk in 2010 when a cyst on his spine burst, leaving him paralyzed. Despite the complications, however, the dedicated doctor has managed to find a way to continue working in the operating room through the use of an electric stand-up wheelchair.

The doctor, who would average approximately 1,000 surgeries a year, was met with great difficulty in continuing his career as a surgeon after his own major health setbacks. While most people in Dr. Rummel’s situation would understandably retire, he chose to return to work to care for his patients. Though he now travels around in a wheelchair, he still has the hand-eye coordination of a successful surgeon.

Today the brave Dr. Rummel is performing all the procedures he could previously do in the OR. His physical strength comes from daily exercise and his family also supports him wholeheartedly. He says his freedom despite his disabilities have been a lifesaver.

He lived with the cyst for 11 months until September 2010, when the sac ruptured and the necessary surgery he underwent thereafter left him numb from the waist down.But the dedicated doctor soon came to his senses and decided he’d be back in the OR no matter what it took. A year later, that’s exactly what he did. The first surgery he undertook was watched over by another surgeon in case Rummel needed help.

But he never did. This story of beating the odds despite having a debilitating condition shows passion and strength of this medico ! Dr. Rummel’s story and how he continues to be a surgeon despite his debilitating physical condition will inspire us a lot.

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