Lock down and its affect on differently abled

The lock down due to Covid has left a lot of people under confusions and agitations. This is basically because they are out from their daily routine. Since there is no other option the only way to combat Covid is lock down social distancing and vaccination . When it comes to the differently abled people, its there daily needs that matters. Rather than going outside and buying things ,it is there primary needs that is under threat. Today we will be looking into the problems faced by them along with some suggestions.

Here are some of the basic problems faced by them:

  • Considering this section, majority of them need an external help. It can be either a home nurse or someone else. In the current scenario , it is advised to follow social distancing.
  • They may face basic commodities shortage.
  • They may also face mental discomfort
  • All of us need money to sustain ourselves. While we can easily access ATM , it is not possible for them.
  • Majority of this section are depending on daily work, so they are affected adversely.
  • There are chances that they may get affected by Covid .

Some of the methods or suggestions in order to tackle these problems :

  • Since the situation is critical ,the mobility is highly restricted.But there should be some considerations for the care taker and home nurse,so the these people will not be affected. But they should take care of their personnel hygiene as well.
  • Home delivery option can be used for supply of required product.
  • Special support system can arranged in order to look into their mental health.
  • Accessible mobile banking applications can be considered for money withdrawal.
  • Government should provide some financial support to this section along with others who are in need of money.
  • Trained medical workers can be deployed for assistance in testing, quarantine and treatment.This in turn can make the treatment much more easier.

Let us hope that we will overcome this crisis very soon and let us fit it together….Because together we can…

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