With us disability is no more a limitation

Desintox Technologies Pvt Ltd designs devices to help differently abled people. Desintox Technologies is a DIPP recognized startup. We started the initial works in January 2017. After that we were incorporated in May 2017. We are present at Maker Village,KTIZ, Kalamassery. We are also present at TBI, Government Engineering College, Thrissur.

Any person might become disabled in an instance by an accident. After that, society leaves them behind. This should change. Disability should no longer be a limitation. Therefore we try to make them as self sustainable as possible. In other words, we are helping differently abled people to lead a better life.


Our products include standing and electric wheelchairs, patient transfer hoists and mobility aids.

Electric wheelchairs allows people move on their own. The user moves by using simple controls.

Similarly, our standing wheelchair , helps patients to do their physiotherapy at home itself. In addition, he can access everything that are accessible by a normal person. In addition, reclining feature is also provided.

Our patient transfer hoist helps caretakers to transfer patients easily. In other words , transferring patient wont cause problem to patient or caretaker. Our device helps to move people even from floor , in addition to bed and wheelchair.

Similarly , we have easy mover, the cerebral palsy walking aid. It helps the cerebral palsy affected children to walk. In addition to walking, muscles are developed. In this, the legs carry partial weight while device holds remaining weight of children. Thus , easy mover is a walking aid cum physiotherapy device for cp affected  children.


Our team includes socially committed young entrepreneurs, engineers and doctors. We work towards the mission improving the life of individuals with disabilities. Desintox Technologies helps them to be part of the mainstream society again. For instance , we focus on movement disability. We will soon be focusing on other forms of disabilities also.

To see our products visit www.desintoxtech.com

To know more about Desintox Technologies, visit www.fb.com/desintoxtech