COVID-19 and Black Fungus

Even as India struggles to contain a deadly surge of COVID-19, doctors are now reporting cases of a rare infection called the “black fungus”. Usually occurring among people recovering from the covid . The fungal infection is increasingly being seen in vulnerable patients in India. As the country’s health system struggles to save lives during the pandemic. While Diabetics suffering from COVID-19 who are being given steroids have a high chance of being affected by “black fungus”. This disease is caused by a group of molds called mucormycetes. The disease mainly affects the sinus. The disease results in death if not treated properly. While fungal diseases are common among plants, only a very small fraction of them assail humans. One reason is that humans have evolved intricate immune systems. However, when the immune system has been breached by another illness, fungi that are otherwise harmless take advantage and invade human tissues.


Black fungal symptoms show some common symptoms such as:

  • Excessive running nose
  • Swelling and pain in ears
  • Eyelid loss and blurred vision
  • Dark spot around the nose
  • In some cases, eye sight completely gone

While these are common symptoms almost all diseases. If your immune system is weak or if you are diabetic, it is better to consult doctor.


One of the main prevention method is to keep sugar level normal. Also there should be regular checkup for elderly people. Always try to keep the sugar level normal. In addition to this , doctors should give steroid to patient on time.


The treatment mainly includes usage of Anti fungal intravenous injection. This injection is said to be effective in preventing the disease. While in extreme cases , surgery needs to be performed . This is done to prevent further infection to the brain.

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