This saying stands true for Dr Mariya Biju, a brave heart who fought all odds to become a doctor. 25-year-old Dr Mariya always had a dream to become a surgeon. However, she got confined to a wheelchair and got paralysed after a tragic accident. But this accident didn’t deter her motivation. She completed her MBBS and ended up becoming a doctor at her alma mater. It was in 2016, she slipped on the wet balcony floor while trying to hang clothes on the clothes line at the medical college hostel and fell from the second floor to the ground. This accident left her paralyzed from the neck down.The months following her accident were a struggle for her, especially to regain the sensation in her fingers. She underwent months of physiotherapy for the same just to write her exams.  

With a lot of hard work, support from her friends and teachers. Mariya succeeded in writing her own exam and passed with 64% marks. She is also a talented artist and sportswoman and despite her condition, she keeps in touch with both. A true story of courage and perseverance. Of course, the journey ahead is long and tough, but Mariya is fighting the good fight.

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