Startups making people’s life better-, is India’s biggest startup stories sharing platform. A new article says about startups creating impacts in small towns. The article is titled ‘These deep tech startups are penetrating deep and creating impact in India’s small towns’. It includes details of seven startups from all over India. However they address problems in all places and not just metros. In other words they represent the startups focusing on social upliftment.

Desintox Technologies Pvt Ltd solves problems of persons having disability. Products include Easymover – the cerebral palsy walking aid, Smartmotive – the electric standing wheelchair and Shifter , which is a patient transfer hoist.

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Other startups that are listed in the article in addition to us are:

  1. Genrobotics , Kerala : Bandicoot the manhole cleaning robot.
  2. Lifetron that treats jaundice in new born.
  3. Nautilus hearing that makes hearing treatment affordable.
  4. UNesar providing cooking solution using solar.
  5. Similarly Photom providing cleaning solution for solar power plant.
  6. After that Bagmo solving blood unavailability in rural areas.

Yourstory covered us during the Hard Tech 2019 event conducted at Kochi by Maker Village, Kalamassery and Kerala Startup Mission. Maker village provides facilities in addition to space for startups. This include access to funds and tieups. These helps startups to thrive.

In conclusion, this is not a complete set of startups bringing about change. They represents many startups doing similar activities.

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