A visit to a palliative clinic

Every story has a beginning. For us everything started back in 2014, when we we were studying in our 6th semester for BTech in Government Engneering College, Thrissur.

On a fine morning , our senior Mr Jibin Rajan , who was then the joint convenor of Ideator, the Innovation Center of our college gave us a plan to visit Alpha Pain an Paliative Clinic, MG Road , Thrissur. I along with Vishnu KS, Kiran Baburaj, Colin V Ignatious, Haridev Madhu, Sharafudheen KY and Shibin C, went for the visit. On that day we heard the problems faced by the mother of a child suffering with cerebral pasly. It was the first time we were hearing about such a disease.

Cerebral Palsy Walking Aid

We designed a walking aid to help the child walk. The child was to be strapped on his back to the seat. He/she would be in a partial standing partial seating position. A portion of the child’s weight was to be transferred to the ground through the device and thus only a portion of the weight would act through the leg. This help in weaker leg muscles to develop.

Clipping of news published about the product in Mathrubhoomi News Paper on May 5 2015

When the device was pushed by a bystander, the child would slowly learn the stepping motion. ( Pedal was added in later models to make it easy for the child to learn stepping action.) The fabrication was done at SGM Automobiles, Chengannur with the help of Vishnu’s father and later, our college donated the product to Alpha Pain and Paliative, Thrissur. The device was helpful to many children who were facing similar problem and that was our first step towards starting the company.


In the next article we will discuss about cerebral palsy and devices that help the children with similar problem.

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